Spring/summer 2013 fashion trends: the sexiest bunt coat

Know what is the most fashionable tees in the sexiest this summer? The answer is the bunt coat (Crop Top)! From Marc Jacobs, Jason Wu to the Dolce & Gabbana, Prada, spring/summer 2013 shows bunt visible everywhere on the coat. It wears outside underwear of directly, or thin coat collocation, tall waist trousers, skirt of tall waist looms, bunt coat can shorten the upper body on the vision, elongated proportions, build a sexy figures perfect gold! It is carefully selected for you the most hot this summer in current bunt six paragraph coat, the tees in out of the six kinds of different style, more you recommend six America’s dream is the roof of the bar, what are you waiting for? This summer, don’t be afraid to show your waist!

Crop Top 1: The girlies restoring ancient ways
If you want to wear a nifty vitality and bring the retro fit, try bunt tops umbrella skirt of tall waist a revolt. Erdmann Scervino the yellow lace bunt coat, there is a fresh, sexy and collocation of Dolce & Gabbana skirt in blue and white striped knee, breathed in summer! A Balenciaga beige mustard yellow hollow out sandals and Marc Jacobs handbags, increase many elegant feelings. Such a set, and then wear The Materia Prima ring blue-sky white cloud, and Linda Farrow x The Row cooperation model of round sunglasses, enjoy the baptism of The sun roof bar on!!!
Bomoda recommended Rooftop Bar: New York|Le Bain @Standard Hotel
Located in the area of the Meatpacking Stanard Hotel top Le Bain (848 Washington St), but New York is one of the most in the roof of the bar. The New York skyline and the beauty of the Hudson River, take in everything in a glance, whether it is daytime here, enjoy the sun bath, or evening and watch the view of the sunset, or at midnight in the big pool party, you will never get bored here!

Crop Top 2: Black-and-white classic aristocratic temperament
Sexy bunt coat can wear an elegant aristocratic temperament, never goes out of style with black and white is the wisest choice. Alexander McQueen bunt this white blouse, won’t appear too bare, but also good to stretch the body proportion, will your little waist looms, Marni black and white collocation, mini skirts and silver Mary Jane’s shoes, Chloe’s socialite girlies immediately there! Many accessories, reduce temperament, Marni and white flower necklace and Jimmy Choo’s grass green handbags, enough to make you shine at the moment! Of course, if you want to add a bit pretty, sweet Kiss lipstick gelatin is your perfect choice.
Bomoda recommended Rooftop Bar: Santa Monica|The Penthouse @Huntley Hotel
Covered by a piece of white The Penthouse (1111-Second Second St), let you have a kind of romance and fantasy wonderland. The beautiful beach in Santa Monica from out of the window looked out, scenery, panoramic view, there is no comfortable enjoy! If you have a chance to go to Santa Monica, don’t miss the roof bar!

Crop Top 3: Sexy enchanting night wind
If you have a good figure, in this summer and bold show out! Corset type bunt jacket + tight pencil skirt tees. Maximum limit displayed exquisite curves of the woman, is absolutely the best dress up go to night club party. River Island orange bunt tops McQ Alexander McQueen tight black knee-high leather skirt, sexy index absolutely! Leaving gradient’s animal print hand bag increased many wild temperaments. Kenneth Jay Lane and pearl bracelet and golden light mouth high-heeled shoes, Jimmy Choo would be the night wind to a climax! Last indispensable flaming lips, let YSL fan the charm pure Yang fix it.
Bomoda recommended Rooftop Bar: New York|Sky Terrace @Hudson Hotel
Have a “Sky gardens” of the Sky Terrace(356 W 58th St #15), with choking Hudson River, beautiful scenery, when the night falls, and the River ripples starlight, will let you sincerely, how can be so beautiful!

Crop Top 4: Pool Party look
Benefit of summer is short, short, short again! Especially in sunny Los Angeles. I’m sorry, is not short of good weather. Pool party with rooftop bar, of course, is too sexy and cool and refreshing, preferred Christopher Kane’s pale blue strapless bunt, with tie-in point in Sicily printing style shorts, cool and refreshing atmosphere. Flat shoes with enough Rome, Miu Miu’s silver sandals and flashy, very printed shorts and bring out the best in each other. Finally, accessories, transparent candy, Furla handbags you must be familiar with, the new combined with the woven bottom, have more effect in summer. Juicy three fold a necklace will make you look not empty, the anterior portion to the last to wear the Miu Miu sunglasses, perfect!
Bomoda recommended Rooftop Bar: Los Angeles|Petit Hermitage
Petit Ermitage (address: 8822 Cynthia St), bar on the roof of a swimming pool in Los Angeles, on the cost of indulgence, the most suitable for summer. This is the biggest characteristic, not only can a distance city landscape, close feeling seascape, and “bar” butterfly all in Oscar Wilde’s novel as the prototype, you move?

Crop Top 5: Printing Bohemian
The benefits of summer, is the ability to wear “pajamas” out of the door, Bohemian is absolutely must try this summer one of the style. The stella McCartney bunt Shirts, maybe you will feel a bit “too much,” simply wears outside underwear! However, afraid of what, with officer Procopiou kimono coat won’t appear “coquettish.” It bottoms is gorgeous color collocation, Chloe nine minutes of pants is absolutely enough bright orange. Don’t need to be too fancy accessories, YSL black handbag, Givenchy short white sandals can balance large-area printing. Finally take the Alexander McQueen skull ring, shine.
Bomoda recommended Rooftop Bar: Los Angeles|The Roof on Wiltshire
The Roof on Wilshire (address: 6317 Wilshire Blvd) unique to The sunset, The menu must be let you get a good view of The beautiful scenery and a wide mouth. Pure white decoration but also have contemporary feeling is to share, feel these Los Angeles sea breezes, watching the beautiful sunset, with friends together chat to say ground, joy?

Crop Top 6: Rural, small and pure and fresh
Still remember the afternoon tea in her? Typical rural style what you need is just a plaid jacket, of course the best is pink color, Fair and True the gouache blue strap bunt coat cool and refreshing and pure and fresh, with pure and fresh and industry best brands MAJE long white dress, to the ankle length was just right, even if wearing Marc by Marc Jacobs short heel sandals, also won’t appear short legs. Handbags, of course, is to be purer and fresh, what better than fluorescent green guests, is exactly this Basewater of Mulberry handbags. Deserve to act the role of choice J Crew summer feeling on silver necklace, earrings and Marc by Marc Jacobs is sufficient.
Bomoda recommended Rooftop Bar: New York|Cabanas @Maritime Hotel
Green roof on the house had enough shade, at the same time also has a bright, brilliant sunshine. Crowd control is always the roof bar one of the difficulties; we all don’t want people crowded people. This is the Cabanas (address: 88 9 th Ave) one of the benefits of that person never too much, you can relax in the soft sofa, have a drink, YouYouXianXian, much. good!